This service offers the same mixing results with your tracks getting the same full attention they deserve, but at a discounted rate.
This flexible and affordable option has been designed for clients who are working on a budget and/or cannot attend a mix session, but who require a professional mix studio and engineer.

All you need to do is send your audio files to us along with any production notes and references, and when the mix is complete you will receive the mix stereo file.

You can download the guideline how to submit the tracks to us  Here


We work in close partnership with two songwriters / arrangers, with a vast range of experience in writing for music, films and television which means they are instantly at home with a range of musical styles and sound design effects.
So when you need something truly original and individual to set your music apart, let us compose a bespoke music composition to accompany your project

to help give it the weight it deserves.
Give us a call and we will send you the showreel more suitable to your needs.


The combination of wood, rocks and absorbent material gives the Live room a great sound with bags of character, yielding the impression of a much bigger space!
A good selection of microphones at the top of a great recording chain will captured your sound with top quality.
The wall plate offers 20 microphone tie lines (+1 in the WC... ehm..why not?),
2 headphones outputs, speaker and instrument lines, 2 ethernet Cat5,
video BNC and display VGA connections.

Whether it's a film or animation, corporate video or advertisement, the right treatment in post-production can make all the difference.

We provide recording for Voice Over, ADR, Sound Effects and Foley along with
Audio-to-Picture prep and Dub facilities.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss your project.

The Control room design gives a precise mixing environment (Read more),
an essential 'tool' to make informed decisions when balancing and processing sounds.
We have the experience, the creative flair as well as a set of
outboard and software processors, providing the tools to forge great sounding mixes.
We love experimenting with sounds that can tell a story and always encourage searching for uniqueness to make your production stand out from the crowd, but we are equally at home capturing and reproducing clear and unaltered soundscapes.